A-”Trend”-sion Fall Shoppers!

After doing research on fall fashion trends, for both clothing and accessories, I am realizing that there really aren’t that many options for the vegan consumer. Sure, you can find synthetically-made knock-offs of designer shoes (which from personal experience may look appealing, but aren’t so kind on the feet after wearing them), but most truly vegan companies/lines seem to completely disregard runway trends.

I suppose I shouldn’t be terribly shocked. After all, only within the past ten or so years has the vegan movement really been able to capture much notice in the public eye. The term itself is only a little over 50 years old (coined in 1944 as an abbreviation of the word “vegetarian”). After some digging, though, I was able to find some options that fit with the trends.

Before I get into the trends, I’d like to say that they are based on what is seen on the runway previews for each season. Industry officials make lists of what is observed, which is what creates a trend list (with separate lists for men and women, and sometimes another for juniors). The shows that determine the trends are also primarily (if not exclusively) haute couture, or “high fashion” (brands like Prada, Gucci, Christian Dior, Fendi, etc.), so the items tend to be more dressy than casual.

The main trends this year for shoes seem to be black with metallics (especially gold), banded flats (ballerina flats take the prize yet again), ankle boots, knee high boots with cuffs, cap-toe platorms, bold-colored satin evening shoes, menswear goes femme (think men’s Oxford shoes made into heels), casual flat boots, and bejeweled heels. This list, of course is not comprehensive for all styles, but with a little work it can be adjusted to fit the occasion or one’s personal tastes.

For my personal picks, I’m going to start with a brand that’s getting a lot of spotlight right now – Natalie Portman’s shoes. This line offers an array of chic vegan_paloma.jpgdesigns – the prices may be a bit high, but for quality, designer shoes, you’re going to have to spend a little extra cash. The shoe that particularly caught my eye was Paloma, which is available in black, purple, dark grey, light red, and fuschia. This shoe is a perfect example of the satin evening trend and would be great for any formal event.

PlanetShoes.com (which you can access directly through the ad on our main page). This calf-length boot is available in black, chocolate, khaki and sage and could very well be the quintessential late-fall/winter boot. It is very versatile and, depending on which color you decide to purchase, can be worn with skirts, pants, tights, and pretty much any other bottom you can imagine. On top of that, they are about $30 off as of today and fit the casual flat boot trend for this season.

Finally, we have the Glamorous Vegan Flat from vegetarianshoesandbags.com, pictured at the start of this post. I can’t seem to find the label for this product, but it is a black ballerina flat (also available in brown) that has a gold buckle that seems to be channeling Chanel. With this shoe you knock out two trends in one – the banded flat and the black with gold. You can easily dress this shoe up with a black mini-dress, or wear them with jeans and a form-fitting top.